The Threatened Species Summit was held on Thursday 16 July 2015. The summit brought together state and territory ministers, relevant business leaders, scientific and conservation management experts, non-government organisations and others active in threatened species conservation. It raised the national profile of threatened species and their conservation, explored solutions and promoted practical and effective ways of tackling the threats to Australia’s animals and plants.

As attendance at the summit venue was limited, every session was streamed via a live webcast to allow anyone in the community to participate and interact. On the summit day, questions and comments were posted through this site and via the Threatened Species Commissioner’s twitter feed at @TSCommissioner (#TSsummit).

By participating in the webcast of the summit (eg by commenting or asking a question), participants consented to the Department and the web casting provider collecting and using their personal information for the purposes set out in the privacy notice 

The agenda for the summit is available here. The webcast videos are in line with the agenda with the main room 1 webcast hosting morning sessions, the ‘working together’ session and the afternoon sessions. Room 2 hosted the ‘practical action’ session and room 3 webcast ‘innovation’.

All videos are close captioned to ensure greater accessibility and in line with the Australian Government’s web content accessibility guidelines version 2.0.

Videos of all sessions are now available here until June 2016.